Response to Insurrection at the Capital

Dear FORJ Community, 

We want to acknowledge the fact that many of you are in mourning after yesterday’s assault on the nation’s capital where an angry, riotous mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building thereby disgracing the sacred fabric of American democracy and usurping the peaceful transfer of power. We join you in the outrage and we condemn the shameful conduct of these supporters of Donald Trump. Further, we are saddened that for people of color, this episode has once again exposed the fiction of equal treatment under the law.

Yesterday’s devastating events at the capital once again highlight the important, steady work we are doing at FORJ. Though saddening and infuriating, the actions yesterday are not surprising. We must continue to dismantle the institution of white supremacy. Hatred, whether enacted, stated or ignored shall not be tolerated in this community. And we must remember that all the small acts that we take by having conversations, holding meetings, educating ourselves and children about the evils of racism,  supporting our black and brown friends and families, finding moments of restoration and reflection; have impact in creating a community which preserves the type of democracy that truly values all. 

We would like to share this blog post by Newton North Principal Henry Turner, which details how we can respond to yesterday’s events, as well as other resources shared by Principals across the district. We are grateful for principals who have condemned yesterday’s actions and have so clearly outlined their values of anti-racism and inclusion in their schools. 

In solidarity, 

The FORJ Board and Coordinator 


Resources for Teachers on the days after the attack on the capitol – helpful for parents as well

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