November 13th – Family friendly meeting at Angier from w/ Annawon Weeden from First Light Foundation

November 13th FAMILY City-WIde FORJ Meeting at Angier from 7:00 -9:00 w/ Annawon Weeden from First Light Foundation.
hosted by Kerry Prasad and Ashia Ray from the Countryside FORJ Group and sponsored by Raising Luminaries.
As we move thru the fall holidays that celebrate Europeans’ first contact with Indigenous People in the Americas, Annawon Weeden’s upcoming performance  will transport you and your family to that first contact. Engaging audiences in a heartfelt and authentic manner Annawon, alongside with the audience, will explore the impact and legacy of the first cross-cultural connection in our country. Annawon is an avid performer who works to bring awareness about his culture to both children and adults.